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About Durall

Durall Manufacturing, Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the only industrial flooring manufacturer that also makes over 500 specialty cleaners. During its more than 40 years developing special flow-coatings for industrial and residential floors it has also produced a special preparation of cleaners and an application system assuring optimum flooring adhesion and wear results.

Durall provides factory-direct support for these new products. Kits of materials are customized to owner specification and delivered directly to the job site. Kits include full directions and 24/7 help lines staffed by seasoned flooring experts, so professionals and amateurs alike can successfully install a quality floor.

Durall is led by its president, Chris Biesanz. Durall's team of chemists has produced continual improvements to over 500 products, including the acclaimed Dura Seal and Dura Poxy lines of epoxy floor coatings, and has managed installations in all 50 states, five Canadian provinces, and seven countries.

You might enjoy reading some recent feedback from self-installing customer, Dr. Floyd Powell of Houston, Texas.

Some Other Customer Comments

Finished painting the floor today. First of all, you guys make a great product! Second, your instructions are super good, especially the videos! Third, supplying all the required material and that in a well thought-out package simplified planning a lot.

With this, I succeeded and ended up with a great looking floor. I want to thank you for filling the order in a timely fashion and for following up later on.

J.J. L.

Japs Olson Printing Company has gross sales in excess of 125 million dollars per year.

We have been installing Durall flooring in our plants for over 10 years. Our latest Durall floor covers our main printing shop which has the largest foot print of any building in St. Louis Park Minnesota.

We use Durall flooring because of its adhesion and wear characteristics. With the volume of printing we produce, floor failures are not an option.

Durall stands by its product and makes the floor seals as well as the pre-installation cleaning and prep chemicals. Durall trains our installers and provides post-sale support as requested. We are extremely satisfied with the  critical job Durall continues to do for us.
Robert Murphy

Over the years, we've used several other floor coatings and have found Durall to be the best. Now that's all we use.
Iowa Beef Products

We were surprised that the Dura Seal 400 cost was not higher.
American Boarding Kennels

The thing we liked most about using Durall flooring was the support they gave us during the refurbishing. They talked us through every step and solved some special problems we were having with our factory floors. They're geniuses!
Thermotec Plastics

The Dura Seal 400 floor is very high quality but what really made the installation smooth were the support products Durall has available such as the pre-wash degreasers, water-softened etchers, and adhesive removers. They do it all.
Annendale Dental

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