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Color Options For Warehouse Floor Paint

At Durall Concrete Floor Coatings, our epoxy floor coatings can be applied to any type of cured concrete floor. The use of our warehouse floor paint epoxy will not only create a durable, protective seal on the concrete, but we offer a range of different solid colors and options that allow for full customization of your warehouse space.

While some manufacturers of epoxy warehouse floor paint offer only the standard industrial colors of tan, white, clear, gray and black, we offer a full range of colors from light to dark. Our different products offer various color options with our Dura-Seal 400 line including 28 different solid colors with a range of different chip options that can be added to give a unique look.

A Unique Look

With our Dura-Seal 400 base colors and our range of solid or striped colors of chips, you can create a distinctive flooring option. This is a popular choice when the warehouse and showroom or retail area are finished in the same colors, giving a very uniform look throughout the facility.

However, that bit of extra color and pizzazz on the flooring is also a great way to add value to any building. It makes it look newer, brighter and very well-maintained without a lot of extra cost or work.

The striped and the solid color chips can be selected to add contrast to the base paint color, such as blue chips with a red base color, or they can complement each other in combinations such as a red and orange color chips with a yellow base paint. There is really an endless number of combinations with our epoxy warehouse floor paint.

Our quartz aggregate look is very popular for warehouse and showroom combinations. This is a stylish yet durable flooring option that will resist stains, provide a beautiful surface and also stand up to heavy traffic.

To find out more about the epoxy floor paints we offer for warehouses and commercial applications, give us a call today at 952.888.1488.

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