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How to Paint a Concrete Garage Floor: Video Instructions

We have prepared a series of short videos, posted on YouTube, that show each of the major steps involved in preparing the floor and in applying epoxy paint to it.

The videos feature Durall's president, Harvey Chichester, a master with over 40 years of experience in applying coatings to surfaces of all types.

These videos are not set in a studio. They do not demonstrate how to paint an artificially pristine surface selected for showmanship. These instructions take you through the entire process of painting an existing two-car garage with all the normal wear and tear from 30 years of use. That is, Harvey shows you how to paint your garage floor.

Here are links to the 23 videos in the series.

Video Link Description
Part   1: Floor Inspection Identifying problems and needed materials
Part   2: How to Use a Rotary Scrubber Tricks for getting the most out of equipment
Part   3: Degreasing the Floor Bringing the pH of the floor up to remove fats/oils
Part   4: Scrubbing the Floor What is important, and what is not
Part   5: Using a Razor Scraper Removing tar, gum, and paint
Part   6: Vacuuming the Floor How to speed through cleanup
Part   7: Acidic Cleaning Preparing the floor for good adhesion
Part   8: First Scrub Rinse Avoiding bubbles from gases in your coating
Part   9: Final Rinse When you are done with prep work
Part 10: Filling Cracks Each repair problem has its own solution
Part 11: How to Mix Epoxy Paint Avoiding hardening problems with proper mixing
Part 12: Applying the First Coat of Paint Avoiding roller marks by setting up a pattern
Part 13: Post-Painting Inspection Finding errors and problems to be corrected
Part 14: Color Chip Selection Choosing chip color mix, density, and sizes
Part 15: Post-Painting Grinding Smoothing repaired cracks and holes to blend
Part 16: Crack Touchup Fixes for unforeseen problems and blemishes
Part 17: Using a Rotary Screen Shaving off imperfections before the final coat
Part 18: Cleanup Before Final Coat Keeping debris off the floor before applying final coat
Part 19: Paint and Color Chip Preparation Distributing color chips into the final color coat
Part 20: Shark Grip Skid resistance mixing and use
Part 21: Applying the Final Coat Avoiding errors in the final coat
Part 22: Finishing the Paint Application Customer review of floor at the end of installation
Part 23: Final Review Looking at the floor after the paint is dry
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