Epoxy paint for coating concrete floors

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How-to Advice from Durall Experts

Durall presents detailed articles about a wide range of issues
involving installing and maintaining beautiful epoxy floor coatings.

Durall partners with its customers
Little extra steps and expenses by Durall make customers' projects go smoothly..
Upscale old warehouse wooden floors
Give your space the.look of a modern up-and-coming corporate entity.
Matching logo colors for that custom look
When eye appeal is critical, choose colors for the best impact.
Test your shop, kitchen, or production floor for color, application, and wear
Make sure ahead of time you have the right product and the right color.
How epoxy coatings can help meet 3-A sanitation standards
Epoxy coatings are federally approved for use in food production facilities.
Using color chips to complement epoxy flooring
Decorative floors are as easy as throwing plastic in the air.
Durall adds new technology to its epoxy products
A new ingredient helps epoxy products maintain their flexibility.
Skid resistant epoxy floor coatings
Sprinkling glitter between layers of epoxy paint can bring floors to life.
Put sparkle into living and work spaces
Sprinkling glitter between layers of epoxy paint can bring floors to life.
Encapsulate contaminated concrete
Trapping contaminants in epoxy is an economical and long-lasting remediation solution.
Containment area coatings
Special epoxy coatings are great for protecting containment area surfaces.
Fixing gas bubbles in epoxy and urethane coatings
An effective solution for repairing bubbles and craters in newly coated floors
Make carpet tack holes disappear
Fixing holes from carpeting tacks is easy with these tips
Take the winner's flag with a checkerboard garage floor
Custom floors for showing off collector cars
The Food Safety Modernization Act and your floors
A tip for food processors when creating the required written plan for dealing with damaged facilities
Epoxy coatings and stains can transform concrete floors into artistic masterpieces
Individualize your floor with artistic stains.
Eliminating low-spot floor puddles
100%-solids epoxy can level those dips in your floor.
Color-coded epoxy floors make the job simple
Colored areas on epoxy floors can make following rules so easy.
Concrete floor maintenance on the fly
Concrete floors can be patched without interrupting business operations.
The chemistry of floor preparation
The role of pH in cleaning a concrete floor surface
Repairing poorly done crack repairs
Here are the steps for repairing prior crack repairs in epoxy floors.
Epoxy floor installation help available 24/7
Custom kits of materials combined with 24/7 technical support allow anyone to install a quality epoxy floor.
Removing adhesives from concrete floors
Installers should not let the difficulty of removing carpet or tile adhesives stop them from deploying an epoxy floor.
Install floors that last for decades
Preparation and small maintenance can keep an epoxy floor in service for a decade or more.
How to stop concrete floor vibration
Prevent the floor-shaking that occurs when heavy equipment rolls over concrete slab joints
How to touch up epoxy floors
Advice for correcting the inevitable flaws that occur over time
Pro-active steps to reduce flood costs
Some steps to take ahead of time to avoid the costly effects of water damage to floors and walls.
Epoxy floor paint tips and tricks that can save time and money
The first in this series provides a number of tricks important to all installations.
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