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How-to Advice from Durall Experts

Install floors that last for decades

Epoxy floors can have an intrinsic service period of a decade or more, if preparation is done well. After experiencing lifting and pealing of floor products, many industries have reduced their expectations for shop floor life to three or four years. This is unfortunate and unnecessary. Of course, there may be damage from welding slag, dropped steel  parts, and other hazards, but aside from extreme impacts like these, there is no reason a properly applied epoxy floor cannot last for years and years..

Even new floors require proper preparation before a seal coating is applied. New concrete is dusty for the first few years as the microscopic latents are kicked off the surface.  If concrete is exposed to wear, it will eventually deteriorate. Friction wear, erosion, and contamination all play a role. Dust, cracks, crumbling, rough surfaces, and the inability to keep the environment clean are symptoms of a floor that has not been protected and is moving towards an unserviceable condition.

The secret to success in producing floors that last a decade or more is paying attention to the preparation process. Instead of using simple raw materials like hydrochloric acid and tri-sodium phosphate, it is better to employ cleaners that have penetrants, rinse agents, and detergents built-in. Such specialty products ensure that the etching and cleaning of the subfloor results in a strongly bonded epoxy layer.

Mission-critical sites in industries such as printing, food processing, air travel, and breweries rely on decades-old epoxy floors that are used 24 hours per day. Especially in these cases, extra care in preparation can extend substantially the time between having to recoat the floor. Simple repairs during the life of the floor and can as much as double its service.

Many of us have the experience of a Formica counter developing a lifted corner. Soon the entire lamination starts to come off. But if a simple glue down repair is done immediately, the counter may last for years more. Having on hand a small amount of flooring epoxy, you are able to mix and seal damaged regions, preventing moisture and contaminants from starting to lift your entire floor.

Often those pealing and lifted surfaces will remove the contaminants causing the lift as the surface comes off. Just like a zit strip. As a result, little preparation is usually needed for these repairs. For thicker concrete, however, using a grinder to bevel the edges at a 45 angle will allow the patching epoxy to seal the edges effectively.
For more information, contact Chris Biesanz at chris@durallmfg.com or phone 1-800-466-8910 or 952-888-1488 (24/7).

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