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Feedback from a self-installing customer

Dear Chris,

In May, 2014, we bought this house in the Houston area. It sits on about a half acre. The house was built in 1968 by a master carpenter who had a 1,000 square foot workshop and garage on the property that also included tons of storage and a bathroom. The shop was used as his workshop and was where he stored his lawn tractor. There were originally multiple shelves on every wall along with about a thousand nails everywhere. On some walls there were nails every 2 inches up and down. Not sure what they were used for, but they all had to come out. The walls are actually plywood so it was easy to fill the nail holes for paint. As you can see in the before picture, the room was really pretty dirty. The owner passed away at 96-years-old two years ago, so not a lot of cleaning took place.

Upon first finding and visiting the property, my creative juices started to flow when I saw the workshop. I envisioned not only a shop to do some wood working projects and possible future hot rod, but a place to work out and hang out.

A good friend of mine in Dallas and I were talking about floor paint and he recommended that I call Durall since he had used it in his shop where he works on cars and rebuilds boats (thanks Jim). I had been looking into the different epoxy floor products at the big box stores but wanted to make sure that the product I used was commercial grade and would last.

I decided to go with the battleship grey with black and white fleck. I ordered the DuraClean, etcher, epoxy, chips, and various painting supplies which all arrived quickly.

After cleaning the floor, I decided to re-paint the walls, windows, and shelves. The windows, trim, and shelves were painted white and the walls we went with a light grey. The top of the workbench was painted with chalkboard paint so if I need to write down dimensions, I donít have to hunt for paper and pencil I just write it in chalk and erase when finished. After the floor was painted, I decided to use base board molding which really finished off the room.

Due to the aged grease and oil on the floor, I knew the prep work would be extensive. I rented a floor scrubber and holy cow. No one at the store gave me any instructions and it was all I could do to control this thing! The school janitors make it look so easy! It took me about 30 minutes to figure out that small movements steer the scrubber so I finally got the hang of it Ė sort of. I took a weekend and prepped the floor with the degreaser and the etcher and rinsed clean. I ended up painting the floor with two coats of the grey epoxy and two coats of clear epoxy along with 4 lbs of black and white flakes from Durall and 3 lbs of small black, white, grey, and metallic flakes from a big box store. I was able to complete the workshop and bathroom floor.

I canít express how much I love the way the floor turned out. It is so easy to clean, and I walk and workout barefoot all of the time and love how the floor feels and looks. Everyone that comes over raves about the floor and wants to know everything about it. The product is really easy to use, goes on smooth, and finishes beautifully. It was pretty odorous so I had to use a good quality respirator. Iíve already referred a number of people to Durall because I believe you have a great product and your customer service is just as good. Your team was always very quick to respond with any questions I had.

The room is almost finished. The next step will be to install recessed lighting, ceiling speakers, and install a TV in the cabinet. We find ourselves just hanging out a lot of evenings and when a thunderstorm blows in thereís nothing like sitting with the rollup door open watching the rain.

Thank you, Durall, for all of your help in making this room so awesome! It really has exceeded my expectations. The next project will be the garage floor which will complete the whole workshop/garage building which I plan to start in the next week or two.

Thank you again,

Floyd from Houston, TX

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