Epoxy paint for coating concrete floors

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Warehouse Floor Coating System That's Designed to Last

Warehouse Floor Coating System That's Designed to Last

No operation wants to face the prospect of repeatedly needing to resurface their warehouse floor! Not only is there a cost implication, there's also the inconvenience and disruption to business that needs to be factored in. This can be particularly significant when it comes to warehouse environments, as all of your stock needs to be temporarily relocated during the surfacing work. That's why our selection of epoxy floor coating options has been specifically designed to deal with this issue.

Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating System That Cures in Hours!

The majority of our epoxy coatings are usually dry and ready for use after just a few hours. This reduces downtime and enables many projects to be completed in 24-hours or less - a weekend or other period when operations are typically slow is often sufficient to get the entire resurfacing work completed successfully.

Low-Maintenance Warehouse Floor Coating System

We recognize that the last thing our customers want to do once their flooring is in place is waste hours keeping it in premium condition. Once in place, our coatings require little or no maintenance and will often last for years. Highly resistant to scrapes, scuffs, wheel marks and everyday wear and tear, they're also able to cope with heavy weights, spills, drops, many chemical hazards and many other potentially destructive agents.

Non-Slip Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating System

Our company puts safety at the heart of what we do, ensuring that our coatings are designed to provide an even, non-slip surface that helps to make your workplace a safer one. To find out more about what we can offer or request your FREE project quote, call us at (952) 888-1488.

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